AGL Group Ltd.  deals with import of polymers used for thermoforming /vacuum forming/.   The main plastic materials we offer are as shown below:


Material Clarity Colour
BOPS, OPS transparent Colourless
opaque White
opaque Brown, etc.
APET,PET transparent Colourless
opaque White
opaque Brown, etc.
opaque Gold Metallized
HIPS opaque White
opaque Brown, etc.




Thicknesses of the materials vary between 160 microns and 2000 microns

 Roll widths are up to 1400 mm

 Roll diameter and inner core diameter are being produced according to clients’ demands.

  The packing of the material guarantees the hygiene requirements through transportation and storage, it also protects it from mechanical invasion.

 We provide certificates, which verify the polymers’ quality applications    

     We have the ability to supply samples, according to Your special material demads, with the proper dimensions and quality.




What kind of foils (films) are used for your needs?

polymer films,foils;

thermoshrinkable foil.JPG